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Behind the Scenes...

A view of the intricate world of diamond making
Two of our high pressure diamond creation machines. Each one of these presses weights over 13,000 pounds!
LifeGem Diamond Presses
These machines generate over 1,000,000 pounds of pressure and heat of over 2500° F.
Press Alignment Assembly
When the machines are loaded with a diamond growth core, it is extremely important that everything lines up exactly right.
Specialize Pressure Plates
Designed with a special metal alloy necessary to contain the massive amount of pressure needed to grow a diamond.
Diamond Press Chiller System
The chiller helps to control the heat and allow us to grow diamonds with superior clarity and brilliance. Also, generating over 2500° F would cause a big problem on other electronics and components if not properly contained.
Emergency Stop
We have been creating LifeGem diamonds from ashes for over 20 years... since 2001. Usually everything goes as planned, but when you are working with forces and temperatures only found deep with in the earth... it's better to have one of these buttons than not.
Purifired Carbon Graphite
Before a diamond can be made, the ashes (or lock of hair) need to go through our patented purification and graphitization process. It takes extremely pure carbon to create a diamond. Without using our patented process, diamond growth quality decreases considerably.
Lab Measuring Equipment
Every core component has its own set of tools for weighing and measuring. Some are designed to transmit heat, while others are designed to insulate. It is extremely important to not mingle core component materials.
8 Ton Lab Press
The diamond growth core must fit together within a very high tolerance. Any one component not created within exact specifications could cause the entire growth cycle to be above or below the necessary pressure parameter for diamond growth.
Graphite Conducting Tubes
These graphite tubes surround the inner diamond growth core and provide the heat necessary for diamond growth. Consistency is key in these components to avoid super fast or erratic diamond growth patterns.
Toroidal Pressure Locks
It would not be possible to grow LifeGem diamonds without these locks. Each one fits into a specially designed channel in the pressure plate and creates a core chamber lock allowing us to recreate the diamond growth forces deep within the earth - near 1,000,000 PSI!
Lab Heating Oven
The diamond growth core is assembled with components that are very susceptible to moisture. The core curing phase is integral to making high quality LifeGem diamonds.
LifeGem in Metal Core
After the diamond growth process completes, the source carbon (ashes and/or hair) are fused as one with the metal alloy used to induce crystal growth from particulate graphite powder. The only way to remove the rough diamond from inside the metal is an acid bath.
Acid Protective Glassware
We use a particularly strong mixture of acid to remove the rough LifeGem diamond from the metal growth core. It requires a lot of protective gear and specialized equipment.
Rough Colorless LifeGem Diamond
After a lengthy purification and growth process, we finally have what we've been looking for. A beautiful rough LifeGem diamond crystal ready for cutting.
LifeGem Cutting Procedure
Once the rough diamond is grown, it needs to be cut and polished. In this phase the diamond seed is removed while creating the table of the finished LifeGem.
Finished Colorless LifeGem Diamond
From ashes to diamond... a LifeGem ready to come home.
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LifeGem Creation Process

LifeGem diamonds are created by placing carbon, the primary element of all diamonds, in conditions that recreate the forces of nature. The patented LifeGem®process uses an exact carbon source to create beautiful and meaningful diamonds for you and your family.

Here is how we create your LifeGem diamond…

Step One - Carbon Capture

After extensive research and development, we have discovered how to extract the carbon from a lock of hair or existing cremated remains. This process begins with either an amount of hair collected during a routine hair cut, a small portion of the remains from any standard cremation, or both. Feel free to add a lock of your own hair as well to create a unity LifeGem heirloom diamond.

Step Two - Purification

Once captured, this carbon is heated to extremely high temperatures under special conditions. This process converts your loved one’s carbon to graphite with unique characteristics and elements that will create your one-of-a-kind LifeGem diamond. Your LifeGem will be like no other in this world.

Step Three - Diamond Creation

To create your LifeGem, we now place this graphite in one of our unique diamond presses, which replicate the awesome forces deep within the earth — heat and pressure. The more time in the press, the larger the rough diamond crystal that results.

Step Four - Diamond Certification

Finally, our skilled diamond cutters facet your LifeGem diamond(s) according to your wishes, laser etch your unique identifier on the girdle, and certify it for authenticity. All LifeGem diamonds are individually inspected, graded, and identified by world renowned gemologists trained by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The world’s finest jewelers use this same certification process. A diamond that takes millions of years to occur naturally can now be created from the carbon of your loved one in six months.


We always ship your LifeGem diamonds securely and fully insured with FedEx or UPS next day delivery – signature required.


Each and every LifeGem® diamond is certified for authenticity by a graduate of the Gemological Institute of America and comes with its own beautifully stamped LifeGem certificate showing the carat weight, overall dimensions, color, clarity, polish, and symmetry.

Ready To Order?

Ordering your very own LifeGem diamond, either from a lock of hair, or the ashes of your loved one, is a simple three step process. Begin by calling us at 866-543-3436 to request your free shipping kit. This kit has everything you need to securely send your order to us by US Priority Mail.  Tap below for more details.

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