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LifeGem diamond

creation process.

The patented LifeGem® diamond creation process uses an exact carbon source, either from a lock of hair, or the ashes of your loved one, to create a beautiful and meaningful diamond for you and your family. Click on "Begin Tour" below for an insiders view of our process.

Hello Dean,

Last Thursday John and I made the trip to Western Australia to deliver Australia's first LifeGem Memorial Diamond. We met Linda Bruce and her children at the television studio where they did a story on LifeGem and John presented Linda with the diamond. She was shaking and crying and thought the memorial was just beautiful; we all had tears in our eyes.

Whilst John and I were driving Linda and her two sons (aged 11 and 14 yrs) back to their accommodation, I heard her youngest boy say "Mum, show me dad again". He then kissed the ring…….tears all around - again!

I spoke with Linda on the phone today and she said she has become the 'Town Celebrity'. Everyone has recognized her, the hairdresser, the baker etc. All the children from her sons' school rushed up to them the following morning and asked lots of questions but more importantly wanted to look at the ring. Linda has been asked by the hospice unit that cared for her late husband to give a talk to all the staff today and of course to explain LifeGem. Great news


Michelle Sabau (Funeral Director )

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