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Dear LifeGem,

Just a note to say I absolutely love my LifeGem and the setting it was put in.

Thanks for being so great on the phone with all the calls I bugged you with.

I truly hope your business does wonderful which I am sure it will.

Thanks again.

Sandy Bogstie (Wife )

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LifeGem® Frequently Asked Questions.

(top) What is a LifeGem?
A LifeGem is a certified, high-quality diamond created from the carbon of your loved one as a memorial to their unique life.


(top) Are LifeGem created diamonds real diamonds?
Yes, LifeGem diamonds are considered real diamonds.  LifeGem created diamonds are identical in every aspect to natural diamonds.  They have the same brilliance, fire, and hardness as any high quality diamond you may find at Tiffany & Co.

(top) What does certified mean?
Our LifeGem created diamonds, like natural diamonds, are authenticated and identified by our world-renown and highly trained gemologists.  LifeGem also exceeds all regulated standards in the funeral industry, and by tracking the process with extreme detail from order placement to setting, we can ensure a certified, high-quality LifeGem diamond created from the carbon of your loved one every single time.


(top) How much does a LifeGem cost?
Just as a natural diamond, a LifeGem diamond varies in cost depending on the size you choose.  Please click here for complete LifeGem pricing.


(top) Is the LifeGem made from remains or ashes?
The patented LifeGem creation process creates diamonds from the true essence of our loved ones, the carbon.  Our families receive the ashes as all others do when choosing cremation, except our families also receive a certified, high-quality LifeGem created diamond to memorialize their loved one's unique and wonderful life.  

This process of creating a LifeGem begins with a portion of the cremated remains from any standard cremation.  From here, we extract the carbon to begin the LifeGem diamond creation process.

(top) What kind of research has gone into making the LifeGem?
The LifeGem team spent over four years researching the need for a new memorial and developing the certified, high-quality diamond with some of the best scientists in the world, to ensure families get the quality and comfort they expect from a LifeGem diamond.  For more information on the history of our company, please click here.

(top) What sizes (in carats) can the LifeGem be?
A LifeGem can be between .10 carats and 1.5 carats, with the same quality of the diamonds you would find at any high end jeweler.  Our diamond facility expects to be creating diamonds of up to 3.0 carats in the very near future.


(top) How many LifeGems can be made from one individual?
LifeGem owns the most advanced technology and knowledge in the diamond creation industry.  Our process is so streamlined, we are able to create over 100 certified, high-quality LifeGem diamonds as memorials for each family if they so choose.


(top) What is the quality of the LifeGem diamonds?
The LifeGem techniques create some of the most valuable diamonds in the world, both because of the diamond quality and the memorial it creates. A LifeGem is also rare because they come in colors uncommonly found in nature.  Our overall quality target is VS.*

* Due to the scientific nature of this process, your LifeGem will contain flaws much like natural diamonds.

(top) What color is a LifeGem diamond?
Like the most precious and rare natural diamonds, LifeGem diamonds can currently be created as colorless, or in light, medium, and intense shades of blue, yellow, red, or green.  Due to the unique nature of our scientific process, every single LifeGem will be a different shade.  The elements and unique makeup of your loved one's carbon directly affect the resulting color of your LifeGem diamond(s).


(top) Why would I want a colored diamond?
Like the rarest diamonds found in nature, known as "fancy", our stunning colored LifeGems make a unique statement.  To learn more about colored diamonds, please click here.


(top) What is the process used to make a LifeGem?
LifeGem's unique technology replicates the process of what takes millions of years naturally to occur within the earth and speeds it up to create a certified, high-quality diamond in just a matter of months.  The entire process of creating this beautiful and unique LifeGem memorial for your family includes purification, creation, and finishing (faceting and certification). For more information, please see our creation process.


(top) Can you create a LifeGem from a lock of hair?
  Yes, a LifeGem can be created from a lock of hair.  We will capture the carbon from the lock of hair you provide. The larger the lock of hair, the more carbon we will be able to collect. For example, the amount of hair collected from a standard male's haircut, or the amount that you could easily hold in one hand is more than sufficient.

As always, we will work with what you have.


(top) How are you making a LifeGem with the carbon of Ludwig van Beethoven?
  The Beethoven locks of hair used for creating these LifeGems® have been authenticated and provided exclusively by John Reznikoff of University Archives.  They are the leading experts in memorabilia, document, and signature authentication and have been providing their services to collectors worldwide since 1979.  The Beethoven LifeGem diamond creation process was completed in 2008 and has since been added to the LifeGem "chain of fame".


(top) Are you planning on creating LifeGem diamonds from the hair of other Celebrities?
  We have had many inquires from other celebrities interested in raising money for their favorite charities by auctioning LifeGem diamonds created from their hair.  We are very excited to participate and help raise money for such wonderful causes.


(top) What are you going to do with the Celebrity LifeGems?
  The Beethoven LifeGems® will tour various museums, opera houses, and other facilities throughout the world and then be available to the public through an online auction here on our website.  The proceeds from the auction will go towards creating LifeGem diamonds for underprivileged and military families.  LifeGem diamonds created from the hair of other celebrities will also benefit charities around the world based on the arrangements made with those celebrities.


(top) Can you create a LifeGem from individuals previously cremated?
The most widely chosen process to create a LifeGem is to start with the cremated remains.  From here, we are able to extract the remaining carbon to begin the LifeGem diamond creation process.  Click here for additional information.

(top) Can you create a LifeGem from individuals who have chosen burial?
Yes, a LifeGem can be created for those choosing burial. With our latest process advancements, we can now capture carbon from a lock of hair to begin the LifeGem diamond creation process.  Click here for additional information.


(top) How do I order a LifeGem?
Ordering your very own LifeGem® diamond, either from a lock of hair, or the ashes of your loved one, is a simple three step process.


(top) Can you do this for pets?
At LifeGem, we understand that people love their pets like children.  We take that into account and, of course, offer our services and products to pet owners as well. Click here for additional information.


(top) Can you make a diamond from my pet ... ?
Yes,  we can make a diamond from any cremated remains.


(top) What if I have less than the requested amount of material?
We have been able to make a diamond out of as little as a tablespoon of cremated remains or a few small wisps of hair.  In most cases, the amount of remains or hair will not affect the size of the LifeGem diamond your order.  You can order any size Option Range.


(top) If I want 2 or more diamonds, do I need to send in more than 8 ounces?
  From just 8 ounces (200 grams) of cremated remains, we can extract enough carbon to make all the diamonds that a family wants.  We can store this carbon for the family after their order is completed, in case they should ever want replacement or additional LifeGem diamonds created.
(top) How long does it take to create a diamond?
Typically, it takes about 6 to 9 months to create a LifeGem diamond.  Throughout the process, our automated system notifies our families via email when major milestones during the process have been completed.  Our families can also call us or log into our website for a status update at any time.


(top) How can I be sure that the diamond I receive contains the carbon from my loved one?
Legitimacy is our highest priority.  As soon as an order is received, we immediately assign a unique 16 digit tracking number.  This number follows the diamond throughout the entire process.  Multiple system checks occur at each stage of the process to ensure that order integrity is retained. 

Also, our doors are always open to guarantee our clients' comfort level.


(top) If I want 2 or more diamonds, do I need to send in a larger lock of hair?
When creating your LifeGems from a lock of hair, the amount that you can hold in the palm of your hand will allow us to create multiple diamonds.  If you would feel more comfortable, please call us at 866-543-3436 to discuss your exact situation.


(top) There are no partners listed in my area.  What do I do?
Please call us at 866-543-3436.  We will be happy to work with either the funeral home or veterinary center of your choosing or you can work directly with us.


(top) How do I send you my order?
Send a small packing box containing a completed and signed order form, or request a free shipping kit.

This shipping guide video will help you every step of the way.

Click here for the complete How To Order information page.


(top) Do you have clear/colorless diamonds?
We are happy to announce that we CAN now create colorless LifeGem diamonds!  They are available up through Option IV (.50 - .59) in carat weight.


(top) What shade will my LifeGem diamond be?
Just as your loved one was a completely unique personality, the LifeGem diamond made from their carbon will be a completely unique shade.  While we cannot predict what shade your LifeGem will be in the color palette you have chosen, we know that it will sparkle with the fire and brilliance that is shared by no other diamond in the world.


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