The Patented LifeGem Diamond Creation Process

Purification CrucibleIdentification
Before the manufacturing process begins, LifeGem assigns a unique identification number to each set of remains to ensure traceability and guarantee the integrity of our process. This assures that the diamond that is delivered is created from the loved one’s remains. The identification number is actually engraved onto a specially designed crucible which secures the remains and carbon as it completes the purification process. Each crucible is used only once, and must withstand temperatures over 5400°F.

Carbon inside the crucibleCarbon Capture
The process begins by capturing carbon from the existing remains of any standard cremation. While this is still the most popular process for those who have lost a loved one, we can also capture carbon from a lock of hair to create LifeGem diamonds for anyone choosing burial. We can capture enough carbon from an 8 ounce (or less) portion of the cremated remains to create multiple diamonds (or a lock of hair equal to that collected during a typical men’s haircut). Our patented technology works in a high-nitrogen, low-oxygen environment.

Purification OvenPurification
Once captured, this carbon is heated to 5000°F under special conditions. While removing the existing ash, this process converts a loved one’s carbon to graphite with unique characteristics and elements that will create their one-of-a-kind LifeGem diamond.

LifeGem diamond lab

LifeGem Diamond Creation
We place this graphite in one of our unique diamond presses replicating the awesome forces deep within the earth - 2500°F and pressure of 1,000,000 p.s.i. Under these conditions, the purified carbon (graphite) breaks down into individual atoms and crystallizes as a rough diamond. The more time in the press, the larger the resulting rough diamond crystal. LifeGem diamonds are molecularly identical to naturally occurring diamonds and possess the exact same hardness, brilliance, fire and luster.

Certification and Laser InscriptionCertification
Finally, skilled diamond cutters polish and facet each LifeGem diamond, laser etch the unique identifier on the girdle, and certify it for authenticity. All LifeGem diamonds are individually inspected and graded by gemologists trained by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

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