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LifeGem... putting all the pieces together!LifeGem Partner Benefits
Becoming a LifeGem partner is a win-win situation. You help us, and we help you! We understand that the LifeGem is a niche market. If you sell one or two a year, that would be awesome! That’s what helps us. To help you, we pay top commissions on the sale of a LifeGem diamond, and we create these other excellent benefits for your business.

Benefit #1 - We Send Clients To You

Our marketing efforts and press coverage result in over 100,000 visitors per month to! As our business partner, you will get an average of 50 to 100 direct clicks per month on your website from our partner directory. We already have over 4,000 partners in the US alone. Enter your zip code below to see who is already taking advantage of this free perk. There is no charge to become an intro level LifeGem partner.

Become a Premier Partner and get even more benefits:
   - Preferred listing ahead of other partners in your area
   - Detailed description highlighting your other services
   - “Featured Partner” link on main pages of our web site

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Benefit #2 - Our Clients Need Your Other Services

All this extra traffic sent to your site means additional clients for you! We know many of the people coming to you from our website won’t buy a LifeGem, but they still need all your other services... cremations, burials, memorial services, etc. I think you get the point. We are glad to provide this benefit to our partners to keep you happy and to keep you handing out our brochures. It’s just a numbers game. Soon enough, someone will come your way needing all your services AND a LifeGem diamond. It’s been working this way for over 15 years!

Benefit #3 - LifeGem is theUltimate Ice Breaker

This is a hidden benefit you get from offering the LifeGem diamond to your clients. Talking about LifeGem diamonds is a great wait to break the ice about memorial products as a whole, and once your clients know about the LifeGem diamond, all your other product offerings will seem very cost effective.

Benefit #4 - LifeGem Helps Your Business Grow!

Selling a LifeGem diamond means extra cash in your pocket, and that’s what makes business grow. Especially when there is no inventory to carry, and the upfront cost for our intro level partner plan is $0. So... no risk and plenty of reward. What are you waiting for... get signed up today! Call us at (847) 299-5906, or click here to sign up online!

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