LifeGem Display Placement & Presentation

LifeGem free display standLifeGem Display
Your LifeGem display should be placed in the main gathering area or lobby for maximum exposure and increased sales potential. In other words, outside of the arrangement room. The LifeGem brochures tend to be a topic of conversation at all memorial services. With your business ID in place on the brochure, you will receive commission for any LifeGem purchased as a result of brochures acquired from your facility.

If you would like to place a display in the arrangement room as well, please request an additional free display by calling 866-LIFEGEM (866-543-3436).

Brochure Presentation
Don't forget to enter you partner ID! This is the most important information in this entire section, so please read carefully! Due to the intriguing nature of the LifeGem concept, presenting the LifeGem brochure to a family as informative reading material WILL generate interest and results. Although, not always immediately. That is why it is so important to write your partner ID on each order form. Many orders come in 6 to 12 months after the family first receives their brochure.

If you don’t have the chance to discuss the LifeGem diamond option while providing your other services, please make sure the family receives a brochure in a care package when they leave your facility.

Be sure to place your Business Partner ID in the designated area!
(It’s your primary phone number)

Success is a Numbers Game

We print thousands of brochures at a time, so give out as many as you can. Many orders come from service attendees who take brochures from your lobby, main chapel, or showroom. Its simple math really. The more brochures you give out, the more orders that come back in. And of course, you receive a commission for every diamond that you sell AND every order that comes to us with your PARTNER ID on the order form.

You’d be surprised how many commissions we pay our partners who weren’t even aware they had a client!

Display Quick Assembly

Simply unpack the two parts and slide the “lip” of the brochure holder into the “clip” of the brochure base. A slat wall adapter is included as well.

LifeGem free display standEasy Shipping Kit
We know you are busy, so we’ve done everything we can to make the LifeGem ordering process quick and easy. Our new shipping kit includes everything you need to package the remains and/or hair and mail through your local post office. (Remains container, bubble wrap, shipping box, tape, and the return address form.)

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There are no words to express my feelings about the beautiful diamond I received from my children on Christmas Eve.

My husband was a wonderful most generous man and   (more...)

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